Administrative Tools

There are a host of tools out on the web – and many more released daily – which can help you manage your career and practices in ways that are streamlined and accessible.

Two of the biggest bonuses of working online are the ability to share and the ability to access the files from anywhere.

File Sharing these tools allow you to share any type of file. Some allow online editing (google docs) while others are a place to post files through uploading and downloading.

  • box.net (can keep smaller files up indefinitely – offers 5 GB of storage space with a 25 MB file size limit)

  • dropbox.com (offers 2 GB of free online storage space – no file size limit)

  • yousendit.com (will let you email files up to 100mb or store them online for a short period of time – good for graphics)

  • mediafire.com (will let you email and store files up to 200mb indefinitely so long as you log in occasionally – image files have a 25 MB limit)

  • https://www.wetransfer.com/ (will let you email files up to 2 GB)

If you want to do this DIY style, you can also share files in a separate area on your website for users to upload and/or download. Or install opengoo, an open source “web office” much like google docs.

[WWW]PiratePad.net is a collaborative real-time online text editor. Experiment with it and you’ll probably find a use for it often. It originally was developed as EtherPad and now has many clones.

Desktop Sharing with this kind of tool you can see your collaborators desktop and simultaneously work on files. Adobe Connect (no longer free.)

Strategic Planning, Goal Setting & To Do Lists many of these tools help you organize your practice, track your status on tasks, time manage and assign to do’s. These systems frequently integrate with calendars like google calendar and are availabe on mobile applications.

  • ToodleDo – a robust to do list that allows you to set long term goals, do location based lists and track your time and progress

  • Remember The Milk – a to do list that allows categorization, location based lists and sharing of tasks.

  • Wunderlist– a to do list that allows categorization. Easy to use and synchs with Wunderlist mobile app.
  • Good ToDo is an online to do list “that helps you empty your email inbox and improve your productivity.”

  • OmniFocus – task management software that lets you parse out projects, with compatible iPhone app, based on David Allen’s Getting Things Done principles

  • Basecamp is a robust project management tool that combined to-do lists, shared documents and timelines shared between multiple users. Best for large-scale projects and ongoing multi-faceted collaborations and is a paid service.

  • Evernote  makes it easy to remember things big and small from your everyday life using your computer, phone, tablet and the web. With Evernote, all of your notes, web clips, files and images are made available on every device and computer you use.

  • Doodle A hassle-free way to schedule meetings. Crazy-easy-super easy to use. Free to use without ANY registration needed

Calendars with the ability to host multiple calendars in one, share calendars, send and track invitations and add or read appts from your mobile, online calendars are amazing tools for organizing your practice.

Communications besides email, the highspeed internet has given birth to a myriad of communication tools including instant messaging (g chat, adium (chat aggregator) yahoo messaging), voice over IP (skype), webcasting and video chats. Any number of these tools can be helpful in the administration of your practice.

If you travel for your practice, Trip It can organize plane, train, hotel and car reservations (you email the reservation information to an address and a standardized itinerary is produced for you). Available on the web and on the smartphone, so you have an electronic itinerary with you as you travel.