Building Subscribers

So you want to the numbers of subscribers to your list to grow and grow. Here’s some things to know: First, let it go.

It’s about quality, not quantity

Who cares if you have hundreds of subscribers when those people don’t want, or don’t read your newsletter. Make sure people on your list have subscribed themselves OR literally asked you to put them on the list. And I mean literally said “yes, put me on your list.” This makes you “legal” (again literally not breaking the CAN-SPAM Law) and also ensures that your list is made up of quality subscribers.

The importance of opting in

To make it extra obvious: Don’t add people to your list because you’re pretty sure they will want your updates. They need to opt-in. It’s polite, it’s best practice, and it’s legal.

How do you let people opt-in?

Send a personal email inviting them to join with a link to subscribe themselves.

“But, but, but wait, if they’re not on my list how will they ever find out–”

Stop right there.

If they’re not on your list it’s not necessarily because they don’t want to hear from you. They just might not want to get another email. They may track what you’re doing through:

  • Your website’s RSS feed

  • On social networks like twitter, facebook, and others

Or, guess what, they may not want to hear from you. And if so, that’s fine! You don’t want them on your list because it’s about quality not quantity.

Include a Subscription Form on your website


Post your newsletter updates on your social networks

When you send an update, often you can usually give access to your Facebook and Twitter followers through a web link. This link shows the email message in a browser, allows others to share it, and subscribe themselves if they like.

So post about your recent newsletter on your social networks and include the weblink and you may get more subscribers.

webarchive of newsletter.jpg

Build your list at events

These are people who have taken the time, traveled out of their homes, and actually come to your show. They’re connected or supporters already, so get them on your newsletter while you have them in person.