Getting Indexed

Be Recognized

You just finished building your new site. Now it needs to be recognized, or indexed, by the major search engines. Leading search engines like Google use what are called crawlers to search the web and index its contents. Google then matches up the web’s contents with a person’s search criteria.

Google’s Method

Search engines are continually searching the web for new content. Getting your new website indexed for the first time will take a least a few weeks. Look at [WWW]Google’s process for indexing new sites

How to Submit Your Site

Each search engine does it differently though. To make things quicker and easier, search engines encourage you to submit your new site to them directly for indexing. Oh, and don’t ever pay a fee to do it- that is a total waste of money. Here’s how to submit your site to [WWW]Google and [WWW]Yahoo and [WWW]Bing

Keep in Mind

  • Once a search engine indexes your site, it will begin to appear in search results.

  • Not every page on your site will be indexed, so some pages, even some critical ones, might be left out of search results.

  • The deeper pages are located on your site, the less likely they will be indexed. Pages four or five clicks away from your homepage may never get indexed.