Getting Started

Getting Started

  • Get Started Now – Don’t wait until you have tons of time to work on this or everything is perfect. Get something up to build and improve on over time. Waiting is your biggest enemy.

  • Buy Your Domain – If you haven’t already, you will need to register your domain name. Often you can do this more simply through your web host. Ideally FirstNameLastName.com is the best, but if it’s not available you’ll need to get creative. Make it easy to remember.

  • Get a host – What’s a web host? Where should I get a web host?

  • Set Up Nameservers – Your nameservers may be set up for you already. If not, your host and/or the company you bought your domain from will usually provide some instructions. Nameservers are the way your domain name (superartist.com) gets connected to the actual server your website is on.

  • Set Up Your Email – Set up an email address for your new domain. The instructions for this will vary widely based on your host, or you can relay your mail through a service like gmail. Instructions should be provided by your host or through your hosts support forums.

  • Start Reading – Read this wiki, develop your Google Skills, and expand your knowledge! Read everything you can to learn what you need to learn!