How to Get Noticed

First, remember your goals and how getting press and written about online fits into those goals.

What kind of press is right for you?

What audience are you trying to reach? Four potential ideas:

  1. General interest? Boingboing or other aggregator sites.

  2. Art blogs/sites? all different kinds.

  3. Related to a theme or subject of your work? Your project deals with global warming, so contact sites that also deal with global warming.

  4. Related to the materials or methods you used? Instructables or a site about the technical side of video making or painting

Preparing your content

Best Practices

  • Have a video

  • If you don’t have a video, have images

    • Have one amazing image.

    • Better to have 1 amazing image than 20 mediocre ones. Always make sure you have the 1 amazing image and make it prominent.

    • Make images that people can take away, repost, etc. Don’t write your name across them.

  • Sound make it something people can take with them on a media player

  • Embed your links Include a link back to yourself in case the text is reblogged in whole.

Make sure you make your content downloadable or embeddable and consider using open licenses.

Short Text

Make your text as short as possible.

  • Description of project – short

  • Press pitch – short. Send short emails.

  • Remember you are writing your own headline and story on your website. Think like a writer. Realize that many blogs will just repost whatever you write.

  • See also writing for the web

Keep a press section on your site

It doesn’t have to be public.

  • Have high quality files available for press – full quality short videos, a print quality image library, etc. Time saver!

  • Have a factsheet nearby, if not online – remember, reports like numbers.

  • Keep bio and resume up to date

Keep your contact info on your site

  • Have your contact info on the site

  • Consider posting a picture of yourself – this way press/gallerists/other people can recognize you if they see you

Actively pursuing press

  • Write to blogs that have posted similar things in the past

  • Keep a press list of reporters or writers that have written about you in the past. Make personalized contact (through phone, email, facebook, etc) when the project is appropriate. Make them feel special Don’t call on them all the time. Remember they may know someone who would be interested in writing on your piece.

Dealing with comments on websites

Should you respond to them? It’s up to you. It can become briar patch if you’re not careful. I (steve) usually chime in when I see something factually incorrect and politely and tactfully set the record straight. My rule is comment only when you know you can get out unscathed. I’ll sometimes check technorati to see how much the blog is read. If no one reads it, I don’t bother.

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