Mobile Technologies

For the purposes of our discussion here we are limiting the discussion of “mobile technologies” to mean specifically cell phones. Cell phone technologies now have both unique and shared capabilities (with computers) that allow them to be viable tools for artists.


An internet friendly phone provides an opportunity to create content that is truly mobile (audio stream), the bluetooth and gps enabled phones can take advantage of location based broadcasting. All phones can participate in “broadtexting.”

All of these technologies allow you an opportunity to expand your project or practice by taking advantage of technology’s capability and accessiblity. As the Open Handset model gains market share, more applications will be built of which artists can take advantage.


  • A site specific project can include a bluetooth or gps broadcaster that can send cell phones in the vicinity information about the project.

  • Internet phones can have video and audio created specifically for the cell phone platform – taking advantage of their mobility.

  • Broadtexting is already used to motivate flashmobs and audiences with time based broadcasts.